31 January 2013

Victory - Swing Session Saison 12oz Bottles

Here’s an exciting new release from Victory Brewing for Swing Session Saison--ale brewed with spices.  Victory describes this as “bracing but benign", this Belgian-style ale enlivens any experience with a spicy aromatic start, citrus snap & fresh finish.”  Look for a Spring release for this 4.5% ABV brew.

28 September 2012

Victory Village 2012 Being Brewed Today


Here’s a peek at Bill Covaleski from Victory and the guys from One Village Coffee as they work to brew Victory Village 2012 today.  The quick caption from Victory today….It smells glorious in here. 1villagecoffee is here brewing this season's Victory Village.

01 September 2012

Victory - Red Thunder (aka Baltic Thunder Aged In Wine Barrels)


Surprise…here’s a new one from Victory that no one expected! Today we have Victory Red Thunder--malt beverage aged in wine barrels….I mean who even knew Victory was playing with wine barrels? This is a big 750ml bottle and yes it’s a porter-style beer….and yes it is perhaps my FAVORITE Victory beer….Baltic Thunder aged in wine barrels. Attn: Karen & Bill…save me some!

07 May 2012

Philly Beer Week–Brotherly Sudds Brewing Today @ Troegs


Here’s a peek courtesy of Troegs with John Trogner & Bill from Victory Brewing getting ready for the mash.  The group included members from Troegs, Victory, Nodding Head, Sly Fox, Stoudts & Iron Hill.

28 March 2012

Victory Brewing Will Feature Helles Fire & St Boisterous @ New XFinity Beer Hall

Courtesy of Victory Brewing’s twitter account comes word that in addition to their regular flagship beers, the new XFinity Beer Hall in Philly will feature specialty ales like Helles Fire & St. Boisterous.

20 March 2012

Victory Brewing to Open 2nd Brewery in Parkesburg, PA

imageVictory just released a press-release announcing their long-rumored expansion into a 2nd brewing facility in Parkesburg, PA.  From Victory:

(DOWNINGTOWN, PA) – Victory Brewing Company is opening a 2nd brewery in Chester County, Pa., which will allow the company to continue to create new, innovative beers and additional employment opportunities.

In 2012.  Victory’s current brewery in Downingtown, PA will reach capacity. In order to keep up with consumers’ demand for full-flavored, high quality beer, Victory is forging ahead with expansion plans.

“Our thirsty fans have been asking us for more,” said Bill Covaleski, President and Co-Brewmaster of Victory Brewing Company. “In order to give them what they want, we need more space to make it happen.”

The new brewery location was chosen because of its similarities to Victory’s home in Downingtown. Just as the home brewery recycled an old Pepperidge Farm factory, the expansion brewery is being built within an existing complex in Parkesburg, Pa. The Downingtown location is situated a mere 14 miles from the headwaters of the east branch of the Brandywine Creek and the Parkesburg brewery will be just 17 miles from the headwaters of the west branch.

13 March 2012

Victory Storm King Stout Is Really a Dark IPA?

Here’s an interesting little video from Bill & Ron @ Victory Brewing outlining the origins of their Storm King Stout as a Dark IPA rather than an Imperial Stout.

07 March 2012

Victory – No St. Victorious in 2012 & Counting Calories & Carbs

imageCourtesy of the Victory Brewing “You Want Answers?” blog post:

Q: I haven’t been able to find cases of St. Victorious this year? What gives? I’m having favorite beer withdrawal.- Brad
A: Unfortunately, related to the
capacity issues, and production puzzle we’ve talk about in the past, we had to make the difficult decision to skip bottling the saints this year. They haven’t been martyred completely though; you can find St. Victorious now on draft in a few locations and St. Boisterous on draft in just a few weeks. See if you can track them down by using our beerfinder on the web or on your mobile device. Be sure to call the bar before you venture over there to make sure they haven’t kicked the keg!

Q: I am on a restricted carbohydrate diet and the thing I miss most is a good beer. Do you have nutritional information for your beer that includes carb counts?

A: We are happy to hear that you want to make Victory beer part of your responsible diet. We have answered questions about calorie counts in the past, and you can find that information
here. Here are the calorie and carbohydrate counts per 12 ounces of our most popular brands:

Golden Monkey: 270 calories, 19 grams of carbs.
HopDevil Ale: 215 calories, 22 grams of carbs.
Prima Pils: 165 calories, 15 grams of carbs.
Storm King Stout: 290 calories, 28 grams of carbs.
Sunrise Weiss: 175 calories, 17 grams of carbs.
Victory Lager: 145 calories, 12 grams of carbs

24 February 2012

Victory - State of the Brewery & 81, 341 Barrels in 2011

Some great news coming out of Victory Brewing in their “state of the Brewery address”image

Last month, President Obama addressed the nation to review the successes and challenges of the past year and to provide an outlook for the coming months. One month later, it’s our turn address our nation, the Victory beer nation. So here it is, short and sweet, our State of the Brewery…

15 February 2012

Happy 16th Birthday to Victory Brewing TODAY!

Rather than add anything beyond Happy 16th Birthday to everyone at Victory Brewing, I’ll let Bill Covaleski tell the story:

Sixteen years ago today, Victory Brewing Company was born, so to speak. With the opening of our doors on this day (February 15, 1996) that we officially began operations. Today, as we celebrate the sweetness of 16 years in business, we take a moment to reflect on where we started.